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Institut Montpellierain Alexander Grothendiek
Équipe Probabilités et Statistique
Bureau 427, Bâtiment 9
Place Eugène Bataillon
34095, Montpellier
Tel : +33
alice.cleynen @ umontpellier.fr

updated November 2019


I am particularly interested in developing statistical methods for the analysis of biological data, with an emphasis on computational biology and high-throughput technologies. Recent projects involve Bayesian theory for population genomics, and Markov Processes for the analysis of clinical data. My main research interests involve:

  • Bayesian theory (decision theory, modelisation, ABC) and applications in genomics
  • Machine learning techniques for genomics, in particular random forests
  • Computation and algorithms for ultra-large genomic data
  • Partially-Observable Markov Decision Processes (POMDP), Piece-wise Deterministic Markov Processes (PDMP), applications to medical data
  • Change-point detection problems and model selection for discrete variables with special emphasis on sequencing data
  • 2013-2015 Post-doc at Harvard School of Public Health with Giovanni Parmigiani
  • 2010-2013 PhD at AgroParisTech/INRA and UC Berkeley with Stéphane Robin and Sandrine Dudoit


  • Fall 2016, 2018,2019  Introduction to statistics for 3rd year students in engineering
  • Fall 2015 and 2016  Modeling natural phenomena, 1st year ENS Cachan
  • Fall 2015  Introduction to statistics for 1st year Masters students
  • Fall 2013  Mathematical modeling for 2nd year Bsc students
  • Fall 2013  Mathematical modeling for final year Bsc students
  • Spring 2013  Statistical modeling for 1st year Masters students
  • Fall 2012  Probability theory for the preparation of the competitive admission to AgroVeto for 2nd year Bsc students
  • January 2012 Probability theory – intensive workshop
  • Fall 2011  General mathematics for 3rd year students in engineering
  • 2008–2009 Mathematics for students of preparatory classes